About Lovatt & Ricketts®

Lovatt & Ricketts® Saddles have been in their present incarnation since 1974. The Lovatt family have had involvement in the saddlery industry since the latter part of the 19th century; the present owners great grandfather conducted a business operating near Saint Mathews Church, Walsall; circa 1890.

St Matthews Church, Walsall, England

St. Matthews Church, Walsall

Lovatt and Ricketts® Factory Built 1854 AD

Lovatt and Ricketts® Factory, Built 1854 AD

The L & R factory was constructed in 1854 and is possibly the only large purpose built building still in operation as it was originally intended; we are in fact in a process of restoration and modernization to marry the technology of the 21st century and preserve this beautiful example of early Victorian architecture.

We proudly use the term “Made in England”, every component from our laminated birch wood and steel saddles trees, leathers from the world famous companies with generations of expertise to our patented Lovatt & Ricketts® adjustable stirrup bar, UK produced from the finest stainless steel and assembled by master craftsmen.

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Lovatt & Ricketts factory 1990

Lovatt and Ricketts® Saddle Department circa 1990

In a world where a constant state of flux seems the norm it is refreshing to find products that retain their integrity and value in this age of seemingly built in obsolescence. A Lovatt & Ricketts® saddle is designed to give the proud owner many years of pleasurable riding and is truly a work of art in leather.