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The Ellipse™ Mono Flap Dressage Saddle

Our company has been hand crafting high quality riding saddles for many decades in Walsall England.

Our craftsmen adhere to the highest standards, using traditional methods and only the finest quality materials available. They are all members of the Society of Master saddlers and have experience creating saddles for a wide range of Equestrian activities. Each saddle we make comes to you the discerning rider with a written guarantee.

Our primary focus is on creating the best saddle for you and your horse.

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Lovatt & Ricketts Testimonials

This is the best saddle purchase I’ve ever made!

I have nothing but good things to say about my new Lovatt and Ricketts Ellipse dressage saddle! I have a hard-to-fit Arabian gelding – very wide, very round, very short-backed with low withers. I knew the saddle I was riding in wasn’t ideal, but I wasn’t sure how to resolve the problem. Once I researched hoop trees and saddle makers, I knew I wanted to try the Lovatt and Ricketts Ellipse. I ran into Adrienne Hendricks at a horse show, and she had an Ellipse with her that I was able to sit in. Once I sat in the saddle, experienced its comfort and examined its quality, I knew I wanted to try one on my horse. With the assistance of both Janet Lovatt and Adrienne Hendricks, I was able to custom order a saddle made to template for my horse. Janet helped expedite the construction and shipping of the saddle, and Adrienne helped me adjust the final fit so it was perfect for me and my gelding. My horse is moving better than ever, and I can spend hours in the arena as well as on the trail, riding in comfort! A bonus is how pleased my local saddle fitter is with the saddle as well. She and I both love the buffalo leather for durability, the new, hinged two-position stirrup bars (they are brilliant!), and the panel construction designed to properly fit the weight-bearing area of my horse’s back. This is the best saddle purchase I’ve ever made. Thank you again, Janet and Adrienne! My Ellipse is just perfect!
Liz Bailey, Poulsbo, WA