Dressage Saddle

The Berkeley™ Dressage External Thigh Block

The Berkeley™ High Performance dressage saddle incorporates all of the refinements expected in a state of the art dressage saddle. Our handmade birchwood and spring steel saddle tree accommodates the high withered horse to give wither clearance and complete freedom of shoulder movement and a newly sculptured [...]

The Ellipse™ Dressage Exterior Thigh Block

The Ellipse™ Dressage saddle has become a firm favorite with riders since our first model launched over 30 years ago, now we have our latest model with a deeper seat improved balance point and redesign panels for an improved fit. A specifically designed saddletree accommodates the broader backed [...]

The Oxford™ Dressage Saddle

The Oxford™ Dressage saddle featuring a traditional cut back hand crafted Deep Seat laminated Birch Wood and Spring Steel saddle tree. The Oxford saddle tree is designed for horses with a pronounced wither and is suitable for Dutch Warmblood, Hanoverian and Westphalian to name a few, it is [...]

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