The Rubicon™ Endurance Saddle

The Rubicon’s unique innovative saddle tree featuring a more open pommel and swept back tree points, which gives a whole new freedom to the movement of the horse, eliminating restrictions in the shoulder area. The stirrup bars are located in a  centered position, thus enabling the rider to achieve a comfortable leg position over long distances. Our stirrup bars are hinged relieving any pressure on the horse that is a common problem in this area were the stirrup leathers are attached. Our swing stirrup bars are made of the highest quality Heavyweight stainless steel and crafted to be unobtrusive to the rider’s thigh, which is a common problem associated with long distance riding.

English wool serge lined panels stuffed with the finest 100% English lamb’s wool to assure you of the ultimate in comfort for your horses back. This model features our unique billeting system offering the rider the flexibility to move the billets to give you the perfect girth line.

The Rubicon™ model has been fitted successfully on many breeds of horse.

Lovatt & Ricketts® Saddle Trees

Our saddles trees are manufactured in our own saddletree department using the finest laminated birch wood and reinforced with steel for strength. Each tree is specifically made for each model, designed by us and produced by our own Master saddletree makers. All of our trees conform to British Standards Institution 6635 so you can be assured of quality strength and reliability.

Double Position Swing Stirrup barThe new L&R® Double Position Swing Bar allows the rider to change stirrup length to maintain a balanced position in the saddle while riding different disciplines. For example, Jumping or Trotting hills with a shorter stirrup, the front groove balances the riders more forward position. For Trail Riding or Endurance, the rider has a more vertical position and the back groove provides a more stable balance point.

Other Rubicon™ Features

  • The new L&R® Double Position Swing Bar
  • English premium grade fittings for attaching a breastplate, crupper or personal equipment
  • Non-weight bearing rings on pommel and the bottom of panel.*
    *Attention:  These “D” rings are designed to suppress the movement of your pommel bags while riding. They are NOT designed for bearing weight or to be used for breastplates, martingales, training devices, etc. These “D” rings are not covered under the Warranty for these purposes.
  • Repositionable Velcro knee blocks
  • Quick change billeting system from short to long billets in seconds
  • Optional leather lined panels to order

Leather Options:  X-Grip Water Buffalo with Water Buffalo Nubuck seat and kneepads or Smooth English full grain saddle butts with Ultra-Tack™ Calf Skin seat and kneepads.

Colours: Black or Brown

Black Buffalo
Brown Buffalo
Black Smooth
Brown Smooth

Seat Sizes: 16 ½”, 17”, 17 ½”, 18”, 18 ½” and 19”

Tree Widths: Medium, Medium Wide, Wide and Extra Wide

Price: $4,100.00

Prices displayed on this website are in US dollars and are the retail prices for USA and Canada. For other countries, please contact your local distributor for the price in the appropriate currency.


Extraordinary Measures

I am the gal for whom you went to extraordinary measures to make sure my saddle fit me better and we did a trade to get the right size. Today, after not riding much due to my illness, I went out and decided that I was going to ride in my Rubicon—despite not using it for the past few months.  I thought to myself that I should really sell this saddle since I am not riding as much and I could use it for medical bills etc.  Well, I got the saddle on my boy and hopped on it— I had the MOST wonderful ride.  Not only did he move so fabulously in it but I almost forgot how good I feel when riding in it— we were like one.  I came home with a lot of energy that I have not had in awhile and I really want to thank you again for all that you have done for me. Oh, and I won’t be selling the saddle… My best—and your kindness will not ever be forgotten.
Diane, Arizona