Stockists for Lovatt & Ricketts Saddles

A full range of saddles are all hand-made by Lovatt & Ricketts Saddles®  in Walsall England.  The following is a list of stockists from around the globe.

Photo of Alix Carter

Alix Carter

Photo of Amayzing Saddlery

Amayzing Saddlery

Photo of Anna Hughes

Anna Hughes

Photo of Ashton Saddlery

Ashton Saddlery

Photo of Jo Baker

Jo Baker

Photo of Caroline Howells Saddle Fitter

Caroline Howells Saddle Fitter

Photo of Central Saddlery

Central Saddlery

Photo of Derbyshire Saddles

Derbyshire Saddles

Photo of Dragonfly Saddlery

Dragonfly Saddlery

Photo of Eclipse Equestrian

Eclipse Equestrian

Photo of Equicraft Saddlery

Equicraft Saddlery

Photo of Genti Campbell Saddle Fitter

Genti Campbell Saddle Fitter

Photo of Georgina McKeown Saddle Fitter

Georgina McKeown Saddle Fitter

Photo of Help Your Horses

Help Your Horses

Photo of Hey Farm Saddlery Limited

Hey Farm Saddlery Limited

Photo of Linda Courtney

Linda Courtney

Photo of Long Melford Saddlery

Long Melford Saddlery

Photo of Malvern Saddle Co. Ltd.

Malvern Saddle Co. Ltd.

Photo of Norton & Newby

Norton & Newby

Photo of Rebecca Hayward Saddle Fitter

Rebecca Hayward Saddle Fitter

Photo of Russell Pettett

Russell Pettett

Photo of Steda Saddlery

Steda Saddlery

Photo of T & C Robinson

T & C Robinson

Photo of The Tack Shop

The Tack Shop

Photo of TMO Saddlery

TMO Saddlery